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    GEOMEDICAL HEALTH S.A.S. . is a global health company. Our work is oriented, focused, designed to allow people around the world access to various medical treatments, that range from; surgical dental, aesthetic, spa and general wellbeing, for patients who wish to travel to Colombia to access these procedures using innovative technologies.

    Our company also provides advice and consultant orientation on: knowledge management and exportation for health services, health destinations marketing, and tourism related to health and wellbeing concerns.

    Operating as a health tourism facilitator, we manage international patients, i.e., mobilization logistics for patients and operations required for loans to those who enter through other institutions (hospitals, clinics, specialist centers and insurance companies) as well as individuals. Services include transportation, lodging, tickets, specialized recovery services, guides and translation (when required), amongst others.

    An interdisciplinary team with experience, with focused strong leadership management skills, runs our operation composed by a full-time staff dedicated to the accompaniment of patients and clients. With high capacity to respond to any volume of patients and take into account cultural differences and various contexts or backgrounds when providing care for international patients.

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    HEALTHCARE AND WELLBEING TOURISM: GEOMEDICAL accompanies people in solving their health and wellbeing related needs, ensuring the best quality and unrivaled experience and results; advising on top selection for treating specialist or institutions, travel arrangements; providing support and care during recovery processes, along with other services. We save time and money by offering appropriate and verified options for health needs. Find the right treatment for you here.

    CONSULTING As strong believers of the global health and wellbeing concept, we believe that health tourism is an excellent strategy for regional development in Latin America and also; a possibility to access health care for people regardless of their socio economic situation that are in need of medical and surgical procedures and wellbeing services. We provide guidance and consulting services for companies in the health and related industry, taking into account quality management and excellent service delivery based on the highest national and international practices and standards. Approaching strategies for international promotion and exportation guidance in developing services to offer health tourism. We advise throughout the progressive process of building and consolidating a tourist area in health industry organizations, construction and re-organization of an area dedicated to international patients. Developers for health tourism related protocols, accompaniment for international promotion and identification of specific logistic requirements, as well as strategic differential for actors involved in the chain of health and wellbeing tourism in management consulting

    HEALTH TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT: GEOMEDICAL works in developing new tools and the adequate use of available technology for processes related to health tourism, public health and wellbeing. In constant research and aiming to develop innovative ways to use technology towards strengthening the health industry, telemedicine and general information concerning diseases.

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    Full time staff dedicated to accompanying patients. We are not a web site.

    Interdisciplinary team with broad experience, 100% dedicated to expand and grow the company.

    5 years of pre operative development, with positive and negative outcomes and pre-runs, gaining a clear vision of the market.

    Cultural awareness regarding patients that come from different religious beliefs and cultures.

    High capacity to respond to any volume of patients.

    24-hour availability to attend any eventuality.

    Tight knit team with strong leadership skills and proven management. With nominations and awards in the fields of entrepreneurship.

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    Recognized in 2011 as one of the five most innovative new companies in Colombia at the ANDI Awards for business creation

    Selected among 380 companies from Manizales by the Manizales mas and Babson College process as one of 12 companies to receive business acceleration. This selection ranks us as one of the 12 companies with the greatest growth potential in the city of Manizales

    Single health tourism facilitator company in Colombia with a trained staff: Medical Tourism specialist and Medical Travel Specialist. Certifications of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) whom certify advanced knowledge in health tourism

    Finalists among the 100 most innovative start-ups in Latin America that were presented at the 2014 eMerge America’s event in Miami

    Guest speakers at the First International Conference of medical tourism. PANASALUD 2013

    Invited guests in the 2013 Latin America economic world forum, participating as panelists in the World Travel and Tourism Summit 2013

    Members on the national board of health tourism, led by the Productive Transformation Program PTP

    Members of the Selected group of Start-ups Colombia 2014 selected by the INNPULSA program to participate in the Bootcamp MassChallenge in Boston

    Accompanied by the start up unit from Universidad de Caldas, from the ANDI through their program ANDI OF THE FUTURE, from the Babson College in the acceleration process from Manizales mas, through the Yo Creo en Colombia foundation

    Guest teachers in 2013 for the first graduate program in health tourism in Latin America, "Especialización en alta gerencia en turismo en salud" form the universidad Libre de Pereira

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    Juan Pablo Salazar Arias. CEO.
    Luisa Fernanda Spaggiari Castro. Operation Manager.
    Diana Isabel García Jimenez. Logistics and tourism services Coordinator.
    Felipe Mejía Maya. Technology Manager.
    Santiago Arias Jaramillo. Software Developer.

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